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Space Marine Lucky Bag

Product Code: LUCKYSM
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Space Marine "Lucky Bag".


This lucky dip bag contains a random selection of bitz from across the entire Space Marine Range.


This includes all the sub categories and even the vehicle sections. The bags contain approx 70-120 space marine bits (some consist of multiple parts) ranging in value from 5p to £1.80, The total cost of each bag is therefore far less than the sum of the parts if purchased individually.


These bags are ideal for converters looking for some parts you would not normally consider, or modellers wishing to add some uniqueness to their armies, or even for people who just dont know where to start!!


I have tried to keep bitz which consist of multiple parts together and all the bags include at least some expensive parts, such as power fists, jump packs, power weapons, terminator parts, dark angels and black templar parts, although the exact parts and quantities varies!!



Good luck and hope you enjoy your bitz!